Photos to Oil Paintings

Have you ever thought about having an artist create an oil painting of you or your loved ones, but though it would be too expensive? Well now you can. It is truly affordable. Take a memorable photograph of your wedding, a celebration, or a special vacation and have it hand-painted. Have a portrait of your children painted or have a painting created of your pet. We can also take two photographs and merge them into one spectacular oil painting. We can even take your photo and place you in a famous painting scene originally painted by one of the old master painters.The possibilities are endless.

When we receive your request, a representative will contact you with a price quote. To place your custom oil painting order, call us toll free at 1-888-988-9870 (International phone 001-561-488-8894). All custom orders are hand-painted by one of our experienced artists, one brushstroke at a time. Custom orders take approximately four to six weeks to arrive, and are shipped unframed and rolled in a heavy-duty protective shipping tube, with free shipping and handling worldwide! 

Price Chart - by size and number of figures in the oil painting:

Size 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure
16" x 20" $279 $329 $379 $429 $479
20" x 24" $339 $389 $439 $489 $569
24" x 36" $399 $449 $499 $549 $599
30" x 30" $419 $469 $539 $579 $629
30" x 40" $449 $499 $559 $599 $649
36" x 48" $499 $549 $609 $649 $699
40" x 60" $629 $699 $739 $799 $829
48" x 60" $699 $749 $809 $849 $899
48" x 72" $799 $859 $919 $969 $999


Please note: We may only reproduce works of art that are in the public domain. We cannot reproduce works of art that are under copyright. If you do not know if a work is still under copyright, you may still send a Photo to Painting Quotation Request and our copyright administrative staff will research your request.


Honeymoon photo painted with request for the background to be removed.



Family photo painted with request to remove glare on glasses of woman on the left, remove large white spot on face of man on the right and remove other scratches.


Photo to Painting Quotation Request